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Ne vedem la toamnă

by Adriana

Și spuneam că plec;
dar de fapt, niciodată nu am plecat,
ci doar am lipsit.

Revin la toamnă,
atunci când serialul tău își reia urma.

Atunci când vei avea nevoie de liniște.

Revin la toamnă.
Când zilele sunt mai scurte
si nopțile mai lungi.

Revin la toamnă,
atunci când afară va fi frig;
– știi că prepar cele mai bune băuturi calde. –

Revin la toamnă,
când cerul devine gri și posomorât.
Poate trecerea timpul ne va așeza aproape.

O vară strălucitoare îți doresc.

Iar noi…
ne vedem la toamnă.

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Diamonds and rubies

by Adriana

They say that diamonds are girls best friends.
I will offer you all the diamonds that I have.
I do not need them to be rich.
You can sell them and enrich your appearance
for all girls who will follow you.
I will enrich my appearances with all rubies
I have in my soul.

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Friday Night

by Adriana

You can open a new page
in the book of night life.
Can taste a different flavour,
a different sense.
It’s just another day of the week,
a day where You can be weak,
choose what people to dream.
Friday night can choose your dreams.
Friday night it’s a fragrance
where they mixed alcohol with sex,
pleasure with drugs.
You can pour all the tears and weaknesses
in a glass of champagne and drink it up.
And, if orange makes us not be shy,
let’s squeeze an orange over a glass of vodka.

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The heart has a mind of its own

by Adriana

She doesn’t look back,
She’s not angry.
She don’t atack,
She’s not envy.

She’s going crazy
When you’re not around,
And she’s lazy
Untill you take her hand.

She’s making portrets
On my chest
Making me an canvas
And she’s ever rest.

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Definitia dragostei

by Adriana

Vino, sa pot regasi drumul spre mine.

Domnul Octavian Paler

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