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What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful

Damn you, you played me out

by Adriana

You entered sad and tired,
with no strings attached.
– I can not believe I see you after all these years.
You Came like a chased lion
by an entire season.
– But as beautiful as you were when I first saw you.
You approached like a child.
But transformed And wild,
– Your eyes … the most beautiful thing.
And Before I say ‘Hi’
You took me to the sky.
– Give me a shot of Jager; I think I’m in heaven.
We kissed for days
and we slept nights.
– No joints, alcohol free. Only water in shower.
You wake me up better than coffee does.
You get under my skin and do not know where this goes.
– I’m addicted to you.
You are stronger than any hero.
And it feels too damn good.
– And now I’m falling.
Too much to let you through
The nights and days by your own.
– I’m falling, baby.
I’m starting to watch after you,
searching you in all the places.
– I even catch a butterfly.

Damn you, you played me out!!!

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