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Nick Carter

by Adriana

Nick Carter – 28 Ianuarie 1980

2002 – Now Or Never

  1. Help Me
  2. My Confession
  3. I Stand For You
  4. Do l Have To Cry For You
  5. Girls In The USA
  6. I Got You
  7. Is It Saturday Yet
  8. Blow Your Mind
  9. Miss America
  10. I Just Wanna Take You You Home
  11. Heart Without A Home (I’ll Be Your’s)
  12. Who Need The World
  13. Scandalicious
  14. Forever Rebel

October 29

Nick Carter – Help Me

Nick Carter – Do I Have To Cry For You
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Nick Carter – I Got You
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Jennifer Paige Feat. Nick carter – Beautiful Lie

2011 – I’m Taking Off

  1. Burning Up (featuring Briton Shaw)
  2. Not the Other Guy
  3. So Far Away
  4. Addicted
  5. Special
  6. Falling Down
  7. Just One Kiss
  8. Great Divide
  9. Nothing Left to Lose
  10. Falling in Love Again
  11. I’m Taking Off
  12. Jewel in Our Hearts (Japanese bonus track)

February 2

Nick Carter – Just One Kiss


Like a thief in the night, let me steal your heart away

by Adriana

13 şanse de evadare, 6 zile să te citesc şi 14 opriri ca să regret.

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Happy Birthday!!

by Adriana

Îndrăgostită de vreo 17 ani :), fană până în măduva oaselor şi o singură dată la 3 metri în faţa lor (la concertul din Padova, Italia în 20 Aprilie 2008).

Foarte fericită că am putut fi acolo în ziua când împlineau 15 ani de activitate şi de existenţa (ca Backstreet Boys).

Happy Birthday Nick. I wish you health and happiness, love and support.


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